Have you ever being angry with your parents?

Have you ever being fed-up and angry with your parents? If you don't, you must have a great personality and patience. On the contrary, if you DO, then you're just like me and almost 99% kids in the entire world.

Whenever your parent instruct (I prefer the 'instruct' term over 'order') you to do thing, such as mopping, cleaning or any other houseworks. Sometimes the result will not be the one that they had expected. In the end, you'll hear complains from them. Yet you didn't dare yourself to fight back or debate about what they're saying because they're far more older and much more experienced than you do. Thus, the only thing you could do is listening to their advice (they sure don't sound like advice to me, I rather called it 'scolding'). And when they have done and you walk back behind them, you'll just keep on mumbling at them. For real, I don't think any kid in the world will ever think to stab a knife at them after such incident.

However, the magical thing is - No matter how much you hate them, this hattress will eventually jump off from your mind. The next thing you knew, you'll probably end up forgiving them and begin to chat with them, apologize maybe? In fact, in Asian, it's very rare for a parent to apologize after what they had done (which is scolding) to their children as it's kinda embarrassed and may against some traditional to do so. So the best thing is 'forgive and forgave'. The power of LOVE and bond, who would have thought it will be such strong?

If you're wondering whether I'm involved in such situation or not, well I certainly did! Seriously, who wouldn't? Unless you're being adopted by a family who they torture you like their slave, you would definitely forget the revenge sooner or later. As for kids, they're usually more easy to comfort by giving them toys. However, for teenagers, it's all depend on their thinking. If they couldn't think rationally enough, they will leave the house and stay at friend house, probably for weeks, months. Who knows what teenagers would do. In fact, most teenagers would only decided to leave their houses if the parents is abusing them and they have capability to survive in solo.