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If you are a Nintendo DS/Lite owner, have a flash cart, you would probably searched on the Internet via popular search engine such as Google.com by the keyword "NDS roms download". As you may know, you may probably having a hard time finding a ideal site which accumulate and organize all Roms with the exact order.

To make you finding NDS roms easier, I had decided to share some of the websites that offered NDS roms download to ease your searching pain.

Before linking to the websites below, there are several statements to read:-
* All sites posted and linked below does not contain malware and spyware
* All sites posted and linked below does not require you to register an account in order to download the file, unless stated with [R]
* All download speed results are tested via Streamyx 1MBPS

  • Do not tricked by the website title "NEWS" as this site offered great amount of NDS roms for download.
  • This site does offer 2 download sites and has a great download speed. I can reached average download speed of 40-55 kbps per file.
  • Although this site does not has a decent user-interface or other graphic elemental design, just some plain text, it does offered every single roms that had been uploaded.
  • The only drawback is you will need to enter image verification code for each download. It's kinda hard to tell which one is o, O or Zero (0).
  • All roms are packed in .rar format to minimize the file size. HTTP direct download.
2. DARoms.com [General]
  • Unlike DS-ROM-NEWS, this site does offered a wide range of roms to download. Ranging from GameBoy, Mame, NeoGeo, Snes, GBA and even NDS.
  • All roms are compressed and packed by using 7zip, which indeed has a better compression ratio than WinRar. So the file size has been tremendously reduced and you can download the roms in just a couple of seconds.
  • Great and ideal site for 56k modem users.
  • HTTP direct download
3. NDS ROMS for DS Flash Cards [NDS]
  • Strictly NDS roms only
  • This site is updated only once in a while, which means you probably won't find the latest roms available for download.
  • Uses eMule direct download links. User will required to install eMule before proceeding and initial a download progress
  • Speed varies and depends on the total of uploaders / downloaders
4. EmuWizards [General]
  • Roms ranges from popular title such as Nintendo GameBoy to Sega Saturn and Sony PS2 ISO's.
  • HTTP direct link download
  • Download speed is decent
  • A forum had been setup to discuss and find the latest roms. Like any other forum, you had to register in order to post a thread or reply to a post.
5. RomUlation [General] - Contributed and submitted by LEVIATHAN from lowyat.net
  • Frequent updates
  • Roms include GBA, PSX, NDS, N64, PSP and even roms for classic console!
  • Although popup may occur one time (perhaps?), it can be closed with no cookie trackback
  • No registration required to download roms
  • Clean, sleek view of rom list. Also include a sort function
  • Fast and reliable download speed via HTTP protocol
  • Forum provided to discuss the games (registration required to post)
If you had any other great links for roms download, please leave a comment and I'll update them as soon as possible.


mate, regarding romulation popups, u can always use firefox combo with adblok plus to block them. the link: http://adblockplus.org/en/ actually im shocked because i never encounter even a single popup from romulation. well, maybe it's because the adblock. thanks. hope this helps!



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