Using Final Cut Pro X to import and export video for stream (YouTube)

Final Cut Pro X is very choosy when it comes to importing media, and most often you might in a situation where you need to convert your media into FCP friendly format, such as .avi.

This guide will teach you to:
  • Convert 'non FCP-friendly' videos into 'friendly' videos using MPEG Streamclip.
  • Create a template in Compressor using x264Encoder and complies with YouTube video upload standard.


To convert non FCP friendly video format into friendly version, download MPEG Streamclip. Tutorial on using MPEG Streamclip will not be covered here.

NOTE: If the video doesn't load / show up (e.g. a cross is shown when video is dragged) in MPEG Streamclip, then download Perian. Perian is a QuickTime extension components that enable QuickTime to playback a huge range of video files.

MPEG Steramclip main interface.

1. Download x264 encoder which enable Compressor to output the file using x264 instead of H264, which is better and faster.

2. Copy the component file into /username/Library/QuickTime.

After editing your video in FCP, send it to Compressor.

Create a new Template in Compressor

Create a new template in Compressor by clicking the + icon. Give it some meaningful name.

1. Select Quick Time Movie as the file format.

Create a new template in Compressor.

2. In Video settings, select x264Encoder and set the value as what I had set in the screenshot below. The only thing that you should adjust is the data rate (bitrate) value.

NOTE: Since I have a 1Mbps Internet connection, I select 4000 Kbps as the bitrate since it will create the most optimized video with acceptable HD quality. Just a comparison, a 15 minutes long video will output a ~380MB mov.

Click the Options button only if you are an advanced user and really know what you are looking to adjust.

x264Encoder settings.

3. Make the following adjustment in the Audio settings. AAC is recommended.
Sound settings.

4. Other things to take caution of:
  • Select Fast Start in Streaming option. NOTE: This is necessary to prepare the video for better online streaming.
  •  In Geometry option, you can select the video output size that you desired.
Adjust the video dimension according to your need. I use 100% source here since my media is already in 1080p and I want to output a 1080p video.


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